Q: I am an STL3 member. May I bring a guest to one of our events?
A: Guests, who are 21 years of age or older, are permitted to attend munches and excursions. Bringing a guest to the play space must first be cleared with the MC. You, as a member, are responsible for explaining STL3’s code of conduct and behavior expectations to your guest. Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring your guest complies with such.

Q: What is the difference between a “guest” and a “sponsee”?
A: A guest is defined as an individual who is Not interested in pursuing membership to STL3, for example, a visiting out-of-town friend. A sponsee, a.k.a. prospective member, is one who has expressed interest in joining STL3, and under the guidance of a sponsor, will attend the requisite STL3 events and fulfill other membership requirements before being successfully voted on and offered membership.

Q: I am interested in becoming a member of STL3. How do I get sponsored?
A: The easiest path to sponsorship is to become known to STL3’s members. It is necessary for a member-in-good-standing of STL3 to sponsor you for membership. STL3 holds its munched on the second Saturday of each month. Attending our open munch is the best first-step toward meeting members of STL3. For more information on the STL3 open munch, please see our EVENTS page.

Q: As the sponsor of a prospective member, a.k.a. sponsee, what are my responsibilities?
A: A sponsor has several responsibilities:

  • The sponsor will notify the Membership Director of his/her intention to sponsor an individual.
  • The sponsor will obtain from the Membership Director a Membership Application Packet, containing a copy of the STL3 By-laws, the standards and code of conduct, and a membership application; and provide such to the sponsee.
  • The sponsor must explain the membership requirements to the prospective member, including rules, regulations and code of conduct standards of STL3.
  • The sponsor accepts full responsibility for the behavior and conduct of their sponsee until he/she is accepted into full membership.
  • The sponsor will make a concerted effort to attend munches and excursions with the prospective member and introduce them to each of the nine Membership Committee (MC) members of STL3.

Q: What expectations does STL3, as a group, have of its members?
A: As a member of STL3, it is expected that…

  • You show a commitment to the BDSM lifestyle, not just idle curiosity.
  • You are a willing participant in the group. Attendance of every event is not required and we understand often not possible.
  • You abide by the policies and code of conduct established by the elected MC and Executive Board of of STL3.
  • You pay your annual membership dues promptly. New members are expected to pay their membership dues promptly, but not more then 30 days of being voted in and accepting membership into STL3.

Q: Please describe an overview of the membership process?
A: To become a member of STL3, the process is as follows:

  • Prospective members must be 21 years of age or older. If requested, a prospective member must show proof of age to at least two Board members.
  • Prospective members must be actively sponsored by an STL3 member-in-good-standing.
  • The sponsor of the prospective member will provide a Membership Application packet to the sponsee.
  • The sponsor will explain to the sponsee the contents of the packet, outlining the expectations of membership to STL3 and answering any questions the sponsee may have.
  • The sponsor will maintain responsibility for their sponsee’s conduct during the membership process.
  • The STL3 membership process begins after the prospective member’s completed Membership Application is received by the Membership Director.
  • The prospective member must attend at least three STL3 open social events after the Membership Director has received the completed application. Attendance at any STL3 events prior to the receipt of their Membership Application is not applicable toward the requisite three events.
  • The sponsor must make a concerted effort to introduce the sponsee to each of the MC members during the course of the three open events attended.
  • After the required three open events have been attended, If the sponsee / prospective member wishes to be considered for full membership, he/she is to inform the Membership Director.
  • The sponsee’s full membership request will be voted on at the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of STL3.

Q: Please explain the membership voting process?
A: Full membership in STL3 is offered to a prospective members upon majority vote of the Management Committee of STL3. If there are two or more dissenting votes, a probationary membership period, lasting no longer than 90 days, may be offered, if determined by the MC. When a sponsee is again voted on, he/she must receive a majority to be offered membership.

Q: How much are STL3 annual dues?
A: Annual dues of $50 is payable in full by the end of October each year. New members joining mid-year or after are charged a pro-rated amount.

Q: Can I be removed from STL3 membership?
A: If a member of STL3 fails to abide by the rules and regulations of the group, he/she may be removed by a majority vote of the MC.