One of the missions of STL3, Inc. is the continuing education and outreach to the community for the promotion of understanding, assistance with knowledge sharing, and safety regarding topics relevant to the lifestyle and those around us.  Many of the items here are contributed by members, and non-members alike, who have valuable knowledge and experience to share.  Our events are one way in which we share this knowledge, and our website is another. If you do not see information on a lifestyle subject that interests you, or wish to contribute information yourself, please contact us by email.  We recognize that not everyone knows everything about everything, and that everyone is a potential contributor of knowledge and experience. All experiences, be they good or bad, new techniques, products (without necessarily advertising a particular brand or vendor, per se), are all valuable information.

Helpful Websites for Community Information:

  • American Social Health Association: A great website for those seeking current information on STD’s and STI’s, proper use of prophylactics, and much more! A valuable resource for anyone, not just those in the lifestyle!

 Articles of Interest

NOTE: If you have an article you wish to contribute here, please use the “Contact Us” page and email the Education Director.  Due to copyright laws, unless you have written the article yourself, and are willing to state explicit permission for reproduction, all other articles must have permission for reproduction from their respective authors.   Once the relevance of the article is reviewed, and clearance to reproduce is obtained, those articles will be published on this web site.  If the article exists as a portion of content on a linkable site, then a link to that content will be posted rather than reproducing the information, thus insuring no interpolation or alteration of meaning or content occurs.