StL3, Inc. is a group dedicated to the free expression of alternative lifestyles and forms of loving.  Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the group was formed in 1997 to meet the needs of a growing BDSM community in and around the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We are a licensed, not for profit, educational, support and social group with a twenty year track record of supporting the right of adults to freely pursue their interests, free from outside interference.

The membership of STL3 consists of single individuals, couples and poly people from across the socioeconomic spectrum.  STL3 does not discriminate based upon age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or chosen lifestyle.  We welcome adults regardless of their level of experience, depth of knowledge or length of time in the lifestyle. Our membership consists of a wide range of people from very experienced to those who are “brand new to BDSM”. The only standards to which group members must adhere are that activities and practices must be “safe, sane, and consensual”.

STL3 is neither a swingers group nor a dating service, and we are not a haven for voyeurs.  We are a private, educational organization that strives to enhance the abilities and understanding of our members through an ongoing series of educational articles, seminars, and workshops that address basic and advanced BDSM topics, as well as other subjects that interest our membership.  For those who have recently discovered an interest in the BDSM Lifestyle or are seeking information on how to get started, we encourage your attendance at one of STL3’s monthly open gatherings called a “munch”.

STL3 hosts scheduled members-only events that range from discussion groups and educational courses to “play parties” and holiday gatherings. STL3 also hosts a monthly social gathering that is open to the public.  Moreover, STL3 sponsors “Beat Me In St. Louis”, an annual three-day Spring convention of BDSM lifestylers from around the country providing an opportunity to mingle with others having similar interests, and “Spanksgiving”, a regional, three-day, fall convention for those who want to get “warmed up” for the holiday season.

Membership in STL3 is by invitation only.  Due to the nature of the group’s activities, membership is offered only to those who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the BDSM lifestyle and a willingness to contribute positively to the group.  Although STL3 membership is not limited to those living in the St. Louis metropolitan area, it is generally offered only to those who are local or visit the St. Louis metropolitan area often enough to participate in group activities on a consistent basis. For more information regarding membership, please attend the next public open monthly social gathering (see EVENTS page for date & time).